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NSMS Faculty Present at NCKP 2021: The Piano Conference

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Tonight, the faculty of NSMS will present at NCKP 2021: The Piano Conference. Our lecture recital, Teaching the Gillock Lyric Preludes: An In-depth Analysis and Practical Guidelines, features NSMS faculty performing and discussing each of the 24 preludes.

In addition, NSMS Faculty members Esther Hayter, Rebecca Pennington, Adam Salas, and Trevor Thornton will offer presentations. Faculty Member, Kairy Koshoeva will perform as a guest artist in a presentation given by Ingrid Clarfield.

NCKP is held every two years in Lombard, IL, but will be a virtual event in 2021. This year's conference has broken all records with regard to the number of attendees, proposals, exhibitors, and presentations. Over 850 attendees from 23 countries and all 50 states will participate.

NCKP and NSMS are both divisions of The Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy, a not-for-profit educational institution (501c3). The work of the Center is based on the philosophy of music educator Frances Clark (1905-1998) whose life work revolutionized the field of music education in the twentieth century.

Dr. Clark believed passionately in the transformative power of music making in the life of every person - not just the young, not just the gifted, not just the privileged. What set Frances Clark apart from her predecessors, however, was her recognition that the quality of musical experience is directly related to the quality of the music teaching-learning experience. Thus she placed singular importance on the preparation of teachers.

"There is music in every child. The teacher's job is to find it and nurture it." — Frances Clark

The Center advances its goals and serves local, national, and international audiences through: The New School for Music Study, the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, Piano Magazine, the Piano Pedagogy Forum, and several print publications.

Congratulations to the Center and NSMS Faculty!


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