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The Comprehensive Practical Teaching Program


The Frances Clark Center's Comprehensive Practical Teaching Program is designed to offer foundational teaching experiences to recent music school graduates and emerging professionals. The focus of the program is to provide practical teaching opportunities through a practicum-based experience. The program is open to pianists who have completed the minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. No prior teaching experience is required.

The Comprehensive Practical Teaching Program is structured in 3 terms of 10 weeks each. It is an immersive teaching intensive that is designed to serve the educational needs of each individual apprentice. Participants will complete a combination of online and class coursework, teaching observations, team teaching, applied teaching, and regular feedback and mentorship on their own teaching development. Participants will also have the opportunity to work with master teachers, through The Frances Clark Center Residency Program at NSMS. Private piano instruction is also available. Performance opportunities may be available by invitation.

A Certificate is awarded upon the completion of three terms. The program is repeatable.

"Through the Comprehensive Practical Teaching Program, I have had the opportunity to observe several members of the New School faculty in lessons and group classes. I have learned a variety of new activities, practice strategies, and ways to address students' specific needs. I know I am a better teacher today because I have seen how more experienced teachers work with students in their first piano lessons, in advanced lessons before a competition, and at every stage in between. One of the greatest benefits has been watching NSMS teachers expertly handle difficult, real-life situations that I would have found challenging as a young teacher."

-Trevor Thornton


Participants may generally expect 2 hours in pedagogy class, 4 hours of guided observation, and 3 hours of team teaching/mentored teaching per week. Assignments and preparation will require additional time. Final schedules are confirmed based on each individual's needs in consultation with the program directors.



$2,500.00 per term: includes all coursework, practicum, program books, and materials.

Private piano instruction is available for additional costs. Scholarships are available.


Click here to apply.

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