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Teaching Practicum


The Teaching Practicum provides aspiring and experienced teachers with an opportunity to observe lessons and classes at The New School for Music Study, and to receive mentorship through the Frances Clark Center. Participants can observe both individual and group instruction, and a variety of levels and student ages. The practicum can be customized to meet the interests and needs of the individual, based upon the guidelines below, and subject to availability.


Observation of lessons and classes occurs in real time or by video link, observing the faculty of New School for Music Study. The Practicum may be completed in person, virtually, or through a hybrid model. Conferencing time occurs after observation to allow the individual to dialogue with the teacher. Mentorship occurs through Frances Clark Center and its network of leading experts and nationally recognized teachers.

This practicum is designed to be completed over a five-week period and can be repeated as needed.


$499 (includes The Beginner Course); $399 without the course

reflects a savings of $29

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