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Piano Progressions


Each year in early March, students are assessed on technical skills, ear training, sight reading, repertoire, and written theory work. This yearly assessment ensures that we maintain our commitment to comprehensive musicianship; the idea that musicianship, technique, and practice habits are all developing simultaneously. Additional benefits include:

  • providing a "snapshot" of overall progress and specific feedback

  • emphasizing technical skills that aid in mastery of new music

  • encouraging memorization and critical listening skills through detailed preparation of repertoire

  • helping students gain confidence before participating in outside assessments, festivals, and competitions

Royal Conservatory Examinations


The Royal Conservatory (Canada) is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world. For more than 130 years, The Royal Conservatory has translated the latest thinking about creativity into inspiring programs benefiting millions of individuals around the world.

NSMS is a Founding School for the RCM, and we offer both practical and theory exams. Our teachers are experienced in preparing students for these assessments, and many of our students have achieved high honors in this program.  Participation in the RCM is by recommendation of the teacher.  (Additional fee may apply.)


Additional Assessment Opportunities


Some of our students participate in the NJMTA (New Jersey Music Teachers Association) Spring Festival or Recital Auditions.  (Additional fee may apply.)

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