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Student Recital Series


NSMS holds a Student Recital Series in May. Friends and family are invited to attend this celebration of student achievement. Each recital features students of all ages and levels, as well as a variety of music.

Parents Class


In December, parents are invited to attend a special event that we call "Parents Class."  Students will perform a mini-recital during the class, and will also showcase their class projects and activities from the first part of the school year.

PEPS Recitals


In late June, students from our Junior PEPS and PEPS programs have the opportunity to perform in an additional recital. This is an opportunity for our younger students to hear and be inspired by some of our most advanced and students.

Zoom Recitals


Throughout the year, NSMS will offer students the opportunity to perform in Zoom Recitals. These are mixed age/level, informal performance opportunities. Students can play from the comfort of their own homes, and family and friends are welcome to attend.

October: Spooky Sounds

December: Musical Merriment

February: I Heart Piano

March: Create Your Own

April: Students' Choice

June: World Music

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