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Why Choose NSMS?

We believe that "there is music in everyone."

This quote from our founder, Frances Clark, is a core tenet of our teaching philosophy. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to discover self-expression, creativity, and joy through making music at the piano. 


We maintain a standard of personal excellence within a nurturing, positive environment.  

Our teachers challenge and motivate students through individualized instruction and interactive group classes. Recitals and assessments provide  structure for student achievement. We are committed to a student-centered approach that is developmentally appropriate and that aims to effectively develop each student's potential.

We teach comprehensive musicianship.

Our emphasis on comprehensive musicianship begins with the very first lesson. We believe in developing the various elements of music study holistically. These include music-reading, understanding of rhythm, theory knowledge, artistry and expression, and technique. This balanced approach results in students who play confidently and expressively, and who have the ability to learn independently.


We believe in the power of group teaching.

All students at NSMS are enrolled in an enriching group class, in addition to their weekly private lesson. Through these classes, students have the opportunity to gain confidence through performing regularly, reinforce important concepts through games and other group activities in an engaging environment, feel inspired and motivated by their peers, meet others with similar interests, and play ensembles together.

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