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Alumni Spotlight: Bill Crawford

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we will feature NSMS alumni as part of our Alumni Spotlight series throughout 2020.

Which years were you at NSMS?


Who was your teacher?

Frances Clark

What is a favorite NSMS memory?

Hmmm... memorizing My Country tis of Thee. My relatives were mostly Scottish immigrants and at family gatherings I played it for them and they thought I was playing God Save the Queen. It became the only song I could play by memory and throughout my life I would sit at the piano many times and play it and people would ask for more, but I modestly would step away from the piano letting them think I was more accomplished than I really am.

What are you doing now?

I am the senior pastor of New City Presbyterian Church in El Segundo, California. Our keyboard player writes an original song each week for a TV show and I get to listen to him play the great hymns of our faith with a small on his face as he surveys the congregation and rarely looks at the keyboard. One of my life regrets is that I quit taking piano lessons.

What role does your education at NSMS play in your life today?

An appreciation for music and enjoyment of attending concerts of great artists and an appreciation for what it took to master their craft.

Thanks for contacting us, Bill! It's so wonderful to hear from alumni who studied with Frances Clark. We hope that all of our students will develop a similar appreciation for music.

Are you a NSMS Alum? We'd love to hear from you. Please complete this alumni connection form.


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