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2023 Composition Contest Winners

Each spring, our themed composition contest provides students with an opportunity to share their creative work. These pieces will be featured in our 2023 Spring Student Recital Series. This year's theme was "Far Off Places." Congratulations!

Ollie Barrood Peppermint Patty

Arman Carlsson New Hampshire

Anthony Carnese Grand Royal Palace of England

Aaron Chai Drifted Away

Adam Chai Skiing on Mountains

Sarah Cherukara Neptune

Nadel Duclair Me and the Sea

Audrey Howes Saint Peter's Basilica

Hai Long Ode to Being Cheerful

Prisha Nishar Where the Ocean Burns Purple

Marilyn Ristau Water Lilies in Bloom

Grant Stoltzfus-Dueck Pacific Waves

Indrajith Vinod Nambiar Echoes of the Past



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