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Congratulations, Dr. Aguilar!

Congratulations to Gonzalo Aguilar on recently completing his doctoral dissertation. He will officially become "Dr. Aguilar" this month!

Dr. Aguilar earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree in Piano Performance, with minors in Collaborative Piano and Music Theory from the University of Southern Mississippi. His dissertation focuses on Peruvian musical elements used by three Peruvian composers active in the twentieth century: Luis Duncker Lavalle (1874-1922), Rosa Mercedes Ayarza de Morales (1881-1969), and Edgar Valcárcel Arze (1932-2010). These composers represent a cross section, not only chronologically, but also geographically. Biographical information for each of the three composers is also included as little presently exists in the English language.

Congratulations again on this significant achievement!



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