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Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This year, we bid a fond farewell to 12 graduating seniors, many of whom we have watched grow up over the past several years! While it's been an unusual few months for these students with proms, graduations, and other events canceled or moved online, we feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to continue our piano lessons together. Please take a moment to read about our seniors, and join us in wishing them all the best. We will miss you, and hope you will keep in touch!

Nina Austria

Graduating from Stuart Country Day School

Will be attending Lawrence University, double majoring in Math and Economics, minoring in Music

"I have had the privilege of attending lessons at the New School for the last 11 years, and of studying with Marvin Blickenstaff for 9 years! There is truly no place like NSMS; what makes the school so special is the tremendous amount of warmth and support extended to the students by the teachers. My teachers have helped me grow as a pianist and nurture my love for music, and although I will miss the New School family very much, I am excited to use everything that I have learned in the coming years at Lawrence University."

Henry Banta

Graduating from Franklin High School

Will be attending Stetson University, majoring in Piano Performance

"I am so blessed to have been able to study with so many wonderful teachers (private and group) at the New School for Music Study. I will always cherish the memories of countless hours spent at the New School in lessons, PEPS classes, rotations, and more over the last 9 years."

Joseph Barrood

Graduating from Montgomery High School

Will be attending Seton Hall University, majoring in Business

"My one message to all students at the New school is 'don’t be discouraged if a song is too challenging for you.'"

Arunima Bhowmik

Graduating from West Windsor Plainsboro High School South

Will be attending Rutgers University-New Brunswick, majoring in Computer Engineering

"I am very grateful to the teachers that have taught me during my four years at NSMS. Not only have I grown as a musician, but I have also grown as a student. Dr. Koshoeva especially has been incredibly important in helping me work on new pieces and techniques, and my improvement as a pianist overall. Learning about music through the lens of the history behind the composers and the pieces I have played, whether it be through the PEPS program or my lessons, has greatly enriched my piano experience, and will be something that I always remember."

Bailey Eng

Graduating from Montgomery High School

Will be attending Rutgers Mason Gross, majoring in Music Performance (Oboe)

"NSMS did not just teach me to play the piano, it taught me how to be a musician and I am extremely grateful for it helping me find my passion."

Abbas Faisal

Graduating from West Windsor Plainsboro High School North

Will be attending Rutgers-New Brunswick, majoring in Mechanical Engineering

"My experience at NSMS was very enriching. I learned new music from a variety of genres and how to play in the style of that time period. My teacher, Esther Hayter, helped me with my questions about music theory, and I was able to understand what exactly made the music I listened to appealing."

Grace Marshall

Graduating from Princeton Day School

Will be attending Boston College, majoring in Business and Marketing

"My time at the NSMS has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of all my teachers, especially Trevor Thornton! I hope I continue to play piano throughout the next chapter of my life!"

Sapna Marthi

Graduating from South Brunswick

High School

Will be attending Rutgers University,

majoring in Psychology

"The New School for Music Study has been a significant part of my life over the past nine years. I will forever be grateful for everything I have learned here and my experiences over the years. I am also thankful for Ms. Triandafillou, who has not only been a patient and supportive teacher but has also helped me improve and become more confident in my playing."

Renee Mellman

Graduating from Princeton High School

Will be attending Tulane University Pre-med, majoring in Public Health

"I have loved working with Fiona. I appreciate how she and the New School have supported me and helped me develop as a musician while also having a good time."

Varsha Nayak

Graduating from Montgomery High School

Will be attending Berklee College of Music, majoring in Songwriting (Voice)

"I am so thankful to have been able to study with so many different teachers who have taught me what it means to be a musician! I am also so grateful for Ms. Triandafillou for being patient with me and supporting me through every aspect of my musical career!"

Anya Smith

Graduating from South Brunswick

High School

Will be attending the College of Wooster, majoring in Music Therapy

"Taking lessons at NSMS has had such a positive impact on me as a musician and a person! I’m so lucky to have Ms. Glennon and Mr. Louw, and Mr. Blickenstaff as teachers, and I’ll miss them so much when I go off to college."

Isabella Sterman

Graduating from South Brunswick

High School

Will be attending Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences in New Brunswick

"I am glad that NSMS was part of my journey in life. I have made so many memories over the years. Thank you to Ms. Cahill and all of the other teachers I have had for shaping me into the person I am today."


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