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Charl Louw Named 2023 RCM Teacher of Distinction

Congratulations to Dr. Charl Louw for being recognized as a 2023 RCM Teacher of Distinction.

RCM Teachers of Distinction are leaders in the field of music education, recognized for their contributions of creativity, dedication, innovation, and passion. This award is given to teachers across North America who are recognized as leaders in the field of music education. Through their years of teaching experience, they provide mentorship to other teachers and instill a lifelong love of music in their students. RCM Teachers of Distinction are an inspiration to others and are influential in creating a brighter future for music education. Dr. Louw was selected as the Teacher of Distinction from the entire Northeast Region of the US.

Dr. Louw joined the faculty of NSMS in 2013 and currently serves as the director of our PEPS Program (Excellence in Piano Study). Congratulations, Dr. Louw, on this well-deserved honor!



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