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Alumni Spotlight: Naomi Kern

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we will feature NSMS alumni as part of our Alumni Spotlight series throughout 2020.

Which years were you at NSMS?

I was a student at NSMS from 2011-2019.

Who was your teacher?

Mr. Blickenstaff

What is a favorite NSMS memory?

One of my favorite memories from NSMS was when Mr. Blickenstaff assigned a duet to my PEPS class (half the class played one part, half played the other). We performed it at Jacobs Music on the various pianos, and I remember really enjoying it!

What are you doing now?

I am now studying architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design.

What role does your education at NSMS play in your life today?

I think my NSMS education has provided me with a wonderful, varied foundation in music. Now that I am at school, piano has become more of an activity that I do to unwind and have fun with. I really enjoy revisiting pieces I played in high school and trying to piece some of them together from memory.

We are glad that piano has become a source of enjoyment and relaxation for you. Keep on playing!

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