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2021 Composition Contest Winners

Each spring, our themed composition contest provides students with an opportunity to share their creative work. These pieces were featured in our 2021 Spring Student Recital Series. This year's theme was "Pictures, Poetry, and Places."

Please enjoy listening to the winning pieces!

Adam Chai - The Mountain Minuet

Aaron Chai - Dory

Sarah Cherukara - Heartbreak

Rishabh Datta - Ancient Egypt

Akshara Katari - The Dark Woods

Amelia Kenney - Picking Flowers in Japan

Kaya Krolik - Hopping bunny

Mariel Limbitco - Stargirl

Sophia Lu - New York

Ishan Mungikar - Stories of the Arctic

Prisha Nishar - The Eight Tsaritas

Akemi Pugliese - Afternoon in Paris

Alexey Rafikov - Lily Pond

Grant Stoltzfus-Dueck - Winnipeg

Annikka Visvanathan - Silent Ocean

Alex Woodbury - Night Falls

Aishwarya Vijay - The Eagle Flies


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