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Congratulations, Class of 2022!

This year, we bid a bittersweet farewell to THIRTEEN graduating seniors. Please take a moment to read about our graduates, and join us in wishing them all the best. We will miss you. Keep in touch, and keep on making music!

Sanya Bilumane

Graduating from South Brunswick High School.

Attending University of Pittsburgh, majoring in biomedical engineering.

"Playing piano has taught me patience and how important it is to express yourself through music and art."

"Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect" - Vince Lombardi

Nicholas Budny

Graduating from Princeton High School.

Attending Princeton University, majoring in Philosophy with a certificate in Cognitive Science.

"Piano study has made me more empathetic and has given me a strong sense of the value of hard work. Practicing is itself therapeutic for me, since it's the way I like to destress. But piano has also made me interested in why music is so important to all of us, what the real meaning behind it is, and how we can use activities like playing music to express something meaningful to other people. That's part of why I want to major in the above fields, but it's also influenced how I choose to interact with other people and what other activities I want to fill my life with. Piano has made me realize what's meaningful to me, and more importantly helped me figure out how to find meaning.

I have had a wonderful experience at NSMS. Mr. Blickenstaff is the best teacher I've had in any subject of my life, and he has pushed me more as a musician and as a person than almost anyone else in my life. He is the perfect role model of someone fully dedicated to both music and teaching. I also love the rest of the New School community, and feel like I've learned from all of the teachers there, from my former PEPs classes with Dr. Louw to performing for Dr. Koshoeva. I've made lifetime friends and have had lifetime mentors, and I feel very lucky to have been included in the NSMS experience."

Tanishi Datta

Graduating from South Brunswick High School.

Attending Northeastern University, majoring in business administration with a focus in business analytics.

"Piano study has taught me how important a fresh mind is when trying to accomplish something. There were so many evenings when I was practicing something and I wasn’t able to make it sound how I wanted, but after a little bit of time away from the piece and a good night’s sleep, when I sat back down, I had it in the first try. My teacher really helped me develop as a pianist and had me excited to sit down at the piano every time!"

Timothy Fong

Graduating from Princeton Day School.

Attending Brown University, majoring in computer science and planning to minor in music.

"Piano has taught me how to study, and how consistent practice is the best way to learn a new skill (like yo-yoing!).

I am so grateful for my time at the New School and to Mr. Blickenstaff, Dr. Louw, Ms. Koshoeva and the NSMS faculty who have all fostered my love for music."

Darisi Garg

Graduating from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

Attending Emory University, double-majoring in Business Administration and Music.

"Studying the piano has helped me develop self-confidence, think creatively, and create a sense of community. I was able to leverage my piano skills to produce a 6-hour audiobook, organize three musical happy hours for the corporate executives during COVID-19, and provide background music for an Indian cultural show in my community in 2021.

Being a part of the NSMS community has revived my family’s lost musical legacy and sparked generations of interest in music yet again. From the lessons at a two-story family home in NSMS to teachers like Ms. Triandafillou and Mr. Blickenstaff, every wall and every individual has left a lasting impact in my life journey and reconnected me with my ancestral musical heirloom.”

Robyn Karchere-Sun

Graduating from Princeton Day School.

Attending Skidmore College, undecided.

"Piano has taught me the importance of discipline, practice, repetition, and most importantly that nothing is ever truly perfect. Piano has also made me absolutely love music. I love to play piano and sing. For my senior project at my high school I am currently composing a song on the piano, writing lyrics to go with it, and taking singing lessons. I feel very lucky to have been exposed to piano at such a young age. It has given me a life long love for music.

The New School is like a family. Ms. Glennon has taught me since I was six, my older brother who is now 26, and she is now teaching my mom."

Parthavi Nerurkar

Graduating from West Windsor Plainsboro High School South.

Attending Stevens Institute of Technology, majoring in Business and Technology with concentrations in Finance and Comp Science.

"I have been a student at NSMS for the past 12 years, and I can say that’s each year significantly increased my appreciation for music. I have learned to appreciate music from different time periods. Each time period is unique in the type of pieces it has. I’m also really grateful to have an amazing teacher, Mrs. Triandafillou- she taught me how to read music but also to love it!"

Deeya Patel

Graduating from Hillsborough High School.

Attending Rutgers University, majoring in Computer Science.

"Piano has taught me persistence, specifically to persist through both challenging parts of a new piece and later, the obstacles I may encounter in my future.

Ms. Grandy and Mr. Thornton have helped me grow both my piano skills and love for piano. I appreciate both of them in being an instrumental part of my piano journey."

Maya Patel

Graduating from Hillsborough High School.

Attending Rutgers University, double-majoring in Biology and Computer Science.

"From piano study, I have learned how hard work pays off and how to persevere even when faced with obstacles.

My experience at NSMS has helped me grow as a pianist and a person both musically and creatively. I appreciate all the teachers that I have had the pleasure of working with who have all guided me in expanding my musical skills."

Avinash Seshan

Graduating from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North.

Attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and majoring in electrical engineering.

Through piano, I have learned:

"Patience - It's often very tempting to abandon a difficult piece for something easier. However, I've learned that staying patient and taking everything one step at a time produces the best results in the long run. While there are a few moments where piano practice becomes frustrating or rushed, I always try to remind myself of my potential success in any aspect of life by being patient.

Coping and Stress Management: Whenever I'm very stressed, I always resort towards the piano to ease my turbulent emotions. The instrument helps me relax my mind. I've learned that all of us need an outlet to destress in life.

Thank you, Dr.Louw, for always having faith in me and making every lesson fun and entertaining."

Vidyadhari Vedula

Graduating from Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS).

Attending Emory University, majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Music.

"Through piano, I’ve learned how to work diligently and persevere through difficult situations. I am so grateful for Ms. Cahill and Dr. Louw for the support and wisdom they’ve offered over the years. The New School has been a large part of my life for the past 12 years, and I will truly miss it in college."

Cynthia Zhang

Graduating from Hillsborough High School.

Attending Georgia Tech and majoring in mechanical engineering.

"Piano study has taught me perseverance and the importance of viewing pieces and problems from a larger perspective. All of the teachers at NSMS are so incredibly kind, dedicated, and talented. Their love for music inspires me to continue piano for the rest of my life."

Julia Zhang

Graduating from Hillsborough High School.

Attending the University of Michigan, dual majoring in Business Administration and Communications & Media Studies.

"Piano has taught me the value of perseverance and taking artistic risks.NSMS has instilled in me so much passion as a musician. With every private lesson, group class and PEPS class, I became more and more inspired to take greater care with my playing and to explore the musical textures and colors of each piece. Dr. VanPelt, Ms. Shinnick, Mr. Blickenstaff, Dr. Louw, Ms. Hayter, Mr. Groch, Mr. Thornton and Dr. Koshoeva have all invested so much time and attention into ensuring a holistic piano education for me and I am so grateful for everything the New School has taught me."



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