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Teacher Education Testimonial–Chloe Raber

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

My effectiveness as a teacher improved considerably through my experience at the New School for Music Study. The combination of mentorship, faculty observations, and the pedagogy course, nurtured my growth then and continues to encourage my growth as a teacher today.

Each of the faculty were models of excellent instruction and professionalism. Observations included a variety of lesson settings—group and individual, for beginner through advanced students—and were tailored to my interests. Also, seeing the variety of teaching styles exposed me to new possibilities for how I could work with my students. I appreciated the faculty’s willingness to have an observer, their generosity in answering questions before and after lessons, and their commitment to high-quality music education.

The pedagogy classes, readings, and projects were relevant and informative. The presentation of material was clear and digestible. I enjoyed our classroom discussions because of the diversity of participants’ teaching experiences and our shared desire to learn.

During weekly one-on-one conferencing with Amy Glennon, I received continual feedback on my teaching. In a given lesson, what worked? What didn’t work? What could I try in the next week or over the next month? What materials might be helpful to include? I appreciated her enthusiasm, encouragement, tactful delivery of feedback, and never-ending stream of ideas and suggestions. The practice of recording, reviewing, and reflecting on lessons became a model for ongoing self-evaluation in my teaching.

I highly recommend the educational opportunities offered by the New School.

Chloe Raber is an independent piano teacher and accompanist in northeast Ohio. She earned bachelor's degrees in Piano Performance and Mathematics from Eastern Mennonite University and was a 2019 participant in the Comprehensive Practical Teaching Program at the New School for Music Study.

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