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2020 Composition Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2020 Student Composition Contest Winners!

Theme: Weather

Each spring, our themed composition contest provides students with an opportunity to share their creative work. These pieces were featured in our 2020 Online Student Recitals. Please join us in celebrating our winners and enjoy watching their videos online.

Arjun Afiniwala - The Aftermath of Hail

Arman Carlsson - The Thunder

Aaron Chai - Fog

Adam Chai - Sunny Days

Sohela Da Silva - Climbing up the Rainbow

Allison Holt - A Sunny Day

Koios Hong - Weathers

Olivia Huynh - Rainy Birdbath

Akshara Katari - Gentle Rain

Anya Nair - Dark Summer

Prisha Nishar - Winds of the Year

Deeya Patel - Falling Rain

Akemi Pugliese - Quiet Summer Waves

Alexey Rafikov - Southern Storm

Adam Stein - Spring Showers



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