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Online Instruction Testimonial

Please take a moment to read this lovely testimonial from a parent of one of our students:

Dear New School for Music Study,

My daughter Olivia has been attending the New School for Music for a few years now. We have always been very happy with her progress.

However, I cannot express how pleased we are with both Olivia’s online individual and repertoire lesson. I listen in at times and it is seamless. I have to tell you there are a number of different activities I envisioned doing what you are doing, and none of them have come through like the New School for Music Study. You have accepted and embraced social distancing, chosen a tool to communicate, and have marched on. I sincerely applaud your school and instructors.

Olivia is engaged during both of her lessons in the week, even when there may be slight distractions floating around the house. That is a huge credit to your instructors.

I want to thank you. Please keep up this great work!

A grateful parent of a piano student,

Elizabeth Huynh



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