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60th Anniversary Alumni Faculty Recital: Judith Jain

In celebration of 60 years of excellence in piano teaching and learning at NSMS, we invite you to attend a very special recital, featuring performances by NSMS alumni faculty. Join us on Saturday, November 21st at 8:00PM ET. As we countdown to the recital, we will profile each performer.

When were you at NSMS, and what was your role? 

I was at NSMS 2009-2011. The first year, I completed the postgraduate fellowship, and during my second year, I was on faculty and was in charge of Public Relations. 

What are you doing now? 

I am the founder and Executive Director of New Tampa Piano and Pedagogy Academy. I teach pre-college, college, and adult students, train new faculty, and develop programs.

What is your favorite memory from your time at NSMS?

I enjoyed watching Marvin teach the group classes enormously! I also enjoyed the time I spent interviewing Louis Goss while writing my dissertation on her, and learning about the founding blocks of the New School from her perspective. I cherish the friendships developed during my time there. Finally, I loved playing at Carnegie Hall with my colleagues. 

How has NSMS impacted your teaching and your life?

The training I received at NSMS, by Louise Goss but mainly by Amy Glennon, have shaped the way I teach not only piano, but now, because of COVID, my daughter's second grade curriculum at home. What I learned at NSMS has shaped the way I practice  piano and how I look at learning as a whole.

What will you be playing for the recital?

Danzon "Legrand" by Andres Alen.


Join us in celebrating the legacy of NSMS in words and music! Sign up, and you'll receive links for the recital broadcast and Zoom reception. $10 minimum donation per family.


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