The New School for Music Study



Open communication between parent and teacher is critical to success in any educational endeavor. In addition to formal visitation classes and lesson observations, we urge you to use the telephone or e-mail to communicate directly with your child’s group and/or private teacher.

Each week students take an assignment sheet home from their lessons. Please check this assignment frequently for up-to-the-minute notices on calendar, activities, etc.

Missed Lessons

Because we see each student only once or twice a week, attendance at every lesson is extremely important. Group lessons missed by students cannot be made up under any circumstances. For private lessons, if the instructor is absent, lessons will be made up at a mutually convenient time. There are no refunds or credits for lessons not taken during the term. However, our teachers will make up a maximum of one missed private lesson per year. A twenty-four hour notice is required for any cause except illness. If a student cannot attend a scheduled make-up lesson, it cannot be rescheduled.

School Closings

In the case of the New School closing due to inclement weather, lessons will be rescheduled. We will make every effort possible to make decisions regarding closing before 1 p.m. Please call (609-921-2900) or check this website for any announcements regarding closing.

Suggestions to Parents for Productive Practice

The success of all educational pursuits is in large part determined by consistency. This is especially true for music students. For them, the consistency required for adequate progress must be the result of a collaborative effort between parents and teachers. It is the teacher’s job to fill the lesson with activities that set students up for success. It is the parents’ job to develop an environment that allows a daily reinforcement of what occurs during the lesson.

When we say “daily practice,” we know that there are days when it is not possible to work in a practice session. However, there are two guidelines we want you to keep in mind when scheduling your child’s practice week:

  1. No week goes by without a minimum of five days of practice.
  2. Even under extreme circumstance, never allow two days in a row of missed practice.

Missing two days of practice is like taking one step forward and two steps backward. The best results come from cumulative, daily practice; what we do in the lesson can never make up for lack of practice.