The New School for Music Study


The faculty at the NSMS are the best! In the eleven years I’ve taken lessons at the School, they’ve taught me so much—not just about music, but also about myself as a performer and interpreter of music.

Hannah, Age 18

I love the New School’s holistic approach to piano: students not only learn artistry and technique, but they also learn piano as part of a much broader musical curriculum that includes theory, history, and composition.

Jane Lohr, Parent

Our children are not only learning how to play piano, they are studying piano and music at the New School. What they learn from the New School is far beyond playing songs. They learn music history and theory; study techniques and repertoire of piano so that they appreciate music. As parents, we greatly appreciate the music and piano education provided by the New School to our children.

Mr. and Mrs. Wan, Parents

My incredible journey here at NSMS has led me to becoming the talented pianist I am today. The amazing teachers here at the New School have guided me for these past years with their ceaseless enthusiasm, wonderful teaching, and love for the piano and their students. I've enjoyed every class I've gone to, repertoire or private, knowing that I would improve even more from them and enjoy the piano more and more. Here at the New School, the teachers take your piano abilities a step further by helping you ace every detail in every piece you play. Seven years here at the New School (and still counting!), have truly changed my daily life in piano- for the better.

Jason, Age 13

I have been at the New School of Music Study for five years and it has been a great experience at this music school. I learned so much and the teachers here are so encouraging, kind, and they are awesome at teaching! I have improved so much since I first started playing piano when I was seven, thanks to my wonderful teachers. At the New School, they have a variety of piano books filled with challenging music, and there are also several books filled with fun songs too. The teachers teach not only how to play piano, but they also teach us about the different musical periods and the composers. All the teachers have many technique for how to study, learn, and improve playing the piano. I hope I never stop learning piano at the New School!

Sophia, Age 11