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Crescendo Summer Camp!

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2018 Crescendo Summer Camps at The New School for Music Study


Motive:  Preparing for RCM Theory Assessments

July 16-20, $325

Motive is an intensive theory camp to prepare students for RCM Theory Assessments. Learn how to master exercises in the Celebrate Theory books that provide a strong foundation for understanding how music is put together. Stumped by the rest fill in sections? Learn unique ways to solve these rhythm puzzles. Students will leave the class with a solid command of their Celebrate Theory levels that will support solo playing.


Jammin’:  Pop music, Improvisation, and Collaboration

July 16-20, $325

Jammin’ is a pop music camp that explores improvisation, movie music, and fun tunes from the radio. Enjoy popular songs that your friends and family can sing along to. Interact with technology and sound tracks to create your own backup band. Improvise and collaborate as a class, and jam together!


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